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Military Training Services / Mobile Training Teams

Mobile Training Teams

OPCON provides cost effective, mobile training units onsite at any training location. These teams consist of subject matter experts who can facilitate in depth, professionally designed training curriculums to meet any individual or unit requirements.


Our mobile teams are rapid deploying and highly adaptable to any environment or micro-specific training scenarios and subject matter experts can easily scale training to accommodate any size group or unit. OPCON works directly with local, national, and international vendors to source any and all materials needed to fulfill distinct and specialized training specifications.

Subject Matter Experts

  • OPCON instructors consist of subject matter experts in specialized fields of study and real world experience and application.

  • Instructors are capable of leading or supporting any training scenario or curriculum developed by OPCON or the training unit.



  • OPCON Mobile Training Teams are self sufficient and capable of providing all administrative, logistical, and operational requirements.

  • OPCON's capabilities and infrastructure allow us to adjust each training program to fit the specific needs of the client. 

  • While OPCON is capable of providing training for large scale events, our Mobile Training Teams are a more focused approach to fulfilling specific training mission requirements.


Cost Effective

  • MTT's travel to your training location with all necessary equipment and support assets required to produce the highest quality educational experience.

  • By utilizing MTT's, units can focus funding toward training personnel instead of travel and other logistical costs.


Rapid Deployment

  • MTT's are capable of supporting rapid fill contracts or short notice requests.

  • OPCON's equipment is developed and manufactured in house allowing us to modify and deploy devices and personnel to fulfill unforeseen variations in training schedules.


OPCON Industries provides top tier, comprehensive, and realistic tactical training support through deployment of Subject Matter Experts, and state of the art, simulated weaponry and devices.

We specialize in the deployment and installation of NON-PYRO Explosive Simulators developed and manufactured in our facility in Central Texas.

OPCON Industries develops and manufactures cutting edge blast simulators and simulator accessories to enhance the training experience. Our team of subject matter experts work directly with our line of products to bring the best customer experience possible.

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