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OPCON designs and manufactures its own line Explosive Blast Simulators for the most realistic combat training available.


When utilized in conjunction with our Military Training Services, OPCON delivers comprehensive training solutions to enhance your combat readiness.


OPCON Simulators

Explosive Blast Simulator:

The EXS-60 is a completely self-contained, single-man portable, wirelessly controlled explosive blast simulator designed to be used in close proximity training with mounted and dismounted personnel.


Self-Contained Operations

The oxygen/propane tanks are secured internally and protected with additional structural reinforcement. This internal tank design enables the units to be placed autonomously, eliminating the need for external hoses or components.


Single-Man Portable

The EXS-60 is constructed from lightweight aluminum, weighing approximately 55lbs, and is equipped with an external carrying handle allowing each simulator to be easily carried and deployed by one person in any training environment.


Wirelessly Operated

All OPCON simulators use the same Internal Control Board (EXS-ICB) and wireless remote, enabling all devices to talk to each other.

Can be operated wirelessly with a line-of-sight of up to 1000ft by a single operator in a static position or mobile position. All receivers act as a MESH system, further extending operational distance.


Rugged Construction

The tapered lid and internal structure provides rigid support ensuring operational integrity in the event the unit is struck by a vehicle.

The rugged construction allows for maximum durability while maintaining ease of functionality. Each design enables the units to be easily concealed and visually adapted to the environment of the training terrain.

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