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Military Training Services / Training as a Service

Training as a Service

Training as a Service (TaaS) model provides flexible, scalable training solutions.


Our mobile training capabilities and simulator leasing programs offer access to advanced courses, equipment, and expert instructors without unnecessary upfront costs.


Whether conducting ongoing or targeted training, TaaS enhances skills, readiness, and efficiency while allowing the client to focus on core training objectives.

Equipment leasing programs offer our clients a fast and affordable means to the necessary training solutions, while removing the burden of maintenance.

By utilizing our mobile training model and lease programs, units can focus funding toward training personnel instead of travel and other logistical costs.


Cost Effective

  • OPCON utilizes Mobile Training Teams (MTT) that are self sufficient and capable of providing all administrative, logistical, and operational requirements.

  • MTT's are capable of supporting rapid fill contracts or short notice requests.​

  • OPCON's equipment is designed and manufactured in house, allowing us to modify and deploy devices and personnel to fulfill unforeseen variations in training schedules.


Rapid Deployment

  • ​OPCON's capabilities and infrastructure allow us to adjust each training program to fit the specific needs of the client. ​

  • While OPCON is capable of providing training for large scale events, our Mobile Training Teams are a more focused approach to fulfilling specific training mission requirements.



Combat Training Support

  • Mobile Training Courses

  • Mobile Training Teams

  • Subject Matter Experts

Battlefield Effects

  • NON-Pyro Blast Simulators

  • Pyrotechnic Blast Simulation

  • Blast Impact Effects

  • Smoke Effects

Battlefield Immersion

  • Opposition Force (OPFOR)

  • Civilians on the Battlefield (COB)

  • Battlefield Moulage

  • Foreign Weapons and Uniforms

  • Interpreters & Foreign Language Experts

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