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Military Training Services / Simulator Lease Programs

At OPCON, we offer cost-effective leasing programs for our state-of-the-art explosive blast simulators. These programs allow military units to incorporate realistic blast scenarios into their training without high upfront costs of purchasing equipment.


This flexibility enables discretionary training practices, enhancing preparedness and operational effectiveness. With our advanced simulators, military personnel can train in realistic environments, building crucial skills and readiness.

Simulator Lease Programs

Cost Effective

Our leasing model allows units to access top-tier training resources immediately, while enhancing readiness and skill development without budget constraints.


This approach ensures that training needs are met promptly, improving operational efficiency and preparedness while easing financial pressures.


With OPCON Leasing Programs you can invest in the future of your personnel without compromising current financial stability.


Train Now,

Pay Later!

OPCON provides access to our latest simulator technology and related resources, ensuring your training programs are cutting-edge and effective.

Our advanced simulators offer realistic, immersive experiences that enhance skill development and operational readiness.

By partnering with us, you gain a technological edge, equipping your personnel with the tools and knowledge needed for success.

Access to Latest

Technology &



In addition to OPCON simulators and accessories, we offer comprehensive support and resources, including expert guidance, maintenance, and training materials.

This ensures that your team can fully leverage the capabilities of our simulators, staying ahead of evolving challenges and threats while maintaining complete confidence in your Battlefield Special Effects training equipment.



& Support

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