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OPCON Products

OPCON Industries offers a wide variety of blast simulators, as well as accompanying products, to aid in tactical training scenarios. Each device is designed and manufactured in central Texas by veterans who believe in providing the highest quality products designed for today's modern combat training environment.

Purchase, Lease, Rental

OPCON offers purchase, lease, or rental options for each explosive blast simulator. Please note, blast simulators are only available for purchase to DOD and Government Agencies. However, OPCON offers lease, rental, and partnership options with Non-Government Agencies and Prime Contractors. For more information please contact our sales team.



"The Cannon"

The EXS-80, also known as "The Cannon," is OPCON's solution to all IED, Close Air Support, or Long Range simulation training needs. It can be utilized in every training environment to simulate any desirable blast.


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"The Arty Box"

The EXS-60, also known as "The Arty Box," is specifically designed to replicate enemy indirect fire. It is self contained and durable, making it the ideal blast simulator to be deployed in expansive training environments.

"The Man-Pack"

The EXS-40, referred to as "The Man-Pack," is our lightest and most mobile simulator currently offered. It comes equipped with a carrying handle, bipod, and back-pack for external tank transportation. It is designed for quick deployment on dismounted patrols or in close quarter combat training environments. With this device, we are able to provide non-pyrotechnic blast simulation to areas of the training battlefield currently inaccessible by our competitors.

Smoke Device

OPCON Industries is a certified re-seller of all Enola Gaye Products. Each high quality device registers thick, vibrant clouds of smoke in up to 8 different colors at a fraction of the price of DOD provided munitions.

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