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Military Training Services  / Call For Fire - Live Fire Course (CFF-LFSC)

Call for Fire - Live Fire Simulation Course (CFF-LFSC)

Call for Fire is a concise message containing the data necessary to put rounds on target.

Course Overview

OPCON Industries has developed a comprehensive Call for Fire - Live Fire Simulation Course (CFF-LFSC) replicating a call for fire mission. This course is designed to bring students one step closer to total proficiency with delivery of fires utilizing an immersive live fire training event.


This is achieved by placing students on a real world observation point, overlooking the "battlefield", while adjusting fire on a three dimensional plane and experiencing the realistic signature and report of impacting rounds. 


CFF-LFSC is a Mobile Training Platform designed for basic indirect fire or advanced CFF and Close Air Support missions. Utilizing a range at your location, OPCON provides all necessary equipment, personnel, targets, and our mobile training facility as needed.


The course is comprised of a network of OPCON's EXS-60 Blast Simulators emplaced in a grid formation with multiple enemy targets within. In conjunction with the live fire simulation, our mobile training center offers an enclosed classroom for basic, intermediate, or advanced training through unit Cadre instruction or OPCON Subject Matter Experts.

Range Example
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With the use of our Indirect Fire Blast Simulators, OPCON is able to achieve an authentic down range blast simulation at a fraction of the cost of live munitions.


Classified as NON-PYROTECHNIC, these simulators make it possible to implement this course on any range in all weather conditions.


OPCON's simulators are easily deployed and the innovative design allows the lane to be reset in minutes for the greatest training efficiency.

Mobile Training Center
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The live fire training portion consists of single or multiple training lanes based on the unit size and training requirements.


The average training time per student for basic call for fire simulation takes approximately five minutes to complete a four to six shot adjust fire and fire for effect on target.


With this use of multiple lanes, alternating students can continue firing without pause while each lane is reset.


OPCON can also provide a set of proficiency metrics to gauge the pass/fail status of each student followed by remedial training as needed. 

This course is designed to bridge the gap between the basic CFF Virtual Trainer and costly live fire exercises by executing a full combat scenario CFF mission in an outdoor environment. The scenarios can focus on static or mobile targets and may be conducted in any conditions to include day/night operations and adverse weather. Additionally, training can be conducted on a beach head, mountainous terrain, or in tundra and desert conditions.

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