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Military Training Services / Program Development

Program Development

Utilizing our combat veteran SME's and current training doctrine, OPCON can meet any training needs. Our expert team combines advanced technologies and feedback from current conflicts to develop effective and practical programs.


We consult with our clients to understand their requirements and challenges, ensuring each course enhances combat readiness, tactical skills, and leadership.

  • Tailors training programs to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring relevance and practical application.

  • Employs a modular approach, allowing for flexibility in course design and the ability to quickly adapt to changes in client requirements or industry trends.

  • Provides ongoing support and updates to keep the curriculum current and effective.


Customization &


  • Utilizing cutting-edge Battlefield Effects & Battlefield Immersion technologies, OPCON provides the most effective and realistic training available.

  • Investing in continuous improvement of technological tools to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible training solutions.

Advanced Technology


  • Employs a team of experts with extensive combat experience, ensuring that the training content is highly relevant.

  • Regularly collaborates with industry leaders and professionals to keep the curriculum aligned with current conflicts and best practices.

  • Provides learners with access to a network of industry professionals and resources to amplify training value.


Industry Expertise

OPCON prides itself on developing ultra-realistic training programs and scenarios specific to unit training requirements. Our development team can work directly with unit training officers to create dynamic curriculums geared toward distinct training initiatives. We provide the assurance that each program is fully resourced and executed as planned.


OPCON's program development process directly reflects our military experience, utilizing the ADDIE method. This allows us to step in and assist at any phase of our client's development.

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 12.39.17 PM.png

OPCON tailors each program to fit the clients objectives providing the best possible training by utilizing battlefield effects and immersive methods to mimic real world scenarios. Our personnel have extensive experience in transforming any operational area into a realistic simulated environment.

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