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Tactical Training Support


What we do.


OPCON Industries provides top tier, comprehensive, and realistic tactical training support through deployment of Subject Matter Experts, and state of the art, simulated weaponry and devices.

We specialize in the deployment and installation of NON-PYRO Explosive Simulators developed and manufactured in our facility in Central Texas.

OPCON Industries develops and manufactures cutting edge blast simulators and simulator accessories to enhance the training experience. Our team of subject matter experts work directly with our line of products to bring the best customer experience possible.

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Battlefield Effects are special effects designed to create a realistic combat environment.


OPCON employs advanced technology that meets Hollywood effects standards to bring unparalleled realism to any training environment to benefit the overall training objectives.

OPCON's capabilities include:


Battlefield Immersion is the terminology used to describe the

additions to training scenarios that create a realistic combat environment.


OPCON utilizes it's top of the line moulage experts in conjunction with personnel, wardrobe, props, caches, and battlefield effects to guarantee the most realistic training on the market today.

OPCON's capabilities include:

  • Opposition Force (OPFOR)

  • Role Players

    • Civilians on the Battlefield​

    • Foreign Language Speaking

    • Medical Scenario 

  • Moulage

    • Gunshot Wounds​

    • Mangled Limbs

    • Squirting Blood

    • IED Blast Wounds

    • Broken Bones

    • Burns

    • Realistic Smells


How we do it.

At OPCON, the key to mission success relies on our Mobile Training Teams. These teams consist of highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable personnel who travel to your training site fully equipped and capable of developing and implementing full scale training scenarios.


Mobile Training Team benefits include:

  • Cost effective, on-site training.

  • Technical instruction from tested subject matter experts.

  • Scenario based training.

  • Scalable training for any size unit or group.

  • Adaptable to any training requirements or environment.

  • Rapid deployment.


OPCON is an innovator in scenario based training development. We strive to set the industry standard for immersive and realistic training environments, while 

simultaneously achieving all training objectives in an efficient and cost effective manner.


We pride ourselves in operating under the premise that mission has priority, and we understand the importance of placing educational value above the bottom line. 


Here are a few examples of how OPCON can support you:

  • Realistic training programs and scenarios specific to unit training requirements.

  • Environment transformation for realism.

  • Able to work directly with unit training officers to design program to fit training objectives.

  • Fully resourced and executed. 

  • Utilizes both Battlefield Effects and Battlefield Immersion developed by OPCON with the highest standards of performance.

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Who we are.


Our team is made up of professionally trained individuals with real world experience from combat operations to Hollywood special effects.


The team is hand picked from a variety of backgrounds such as Special Operations, Army Rangers, Marine Force Recon, counter intelligence, firefighting, paramedic, and special effects experts to ensure the highest standard of training for our clients.

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB), we strive to employ a mostly veteran staff from entry level positions to senior management.


The majority of the OPCON training staff staff have experienced combat operations in overseas conflicts. This creates an efficient, cohesive, and highly effective team.

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations,

we fall to the level of our training."

- Archilochos

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