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Improvised Explosive Devices



Technical Training Support

What sets OPCON Training Solutions apart from it's competitors, is not only developing and manufacturing its own line of Blast Simulator Products, but also providing a "one stop shop" for Technical Support and Tactical Training Support.

With the purchase, lease, or rental of any of our devices, OPCON has multiple programs available to clients that provide Certified Technicians to be available on-site during training operations.


OPCON provides cost effective, mobile training units onsite at any training location. These teams consist of subject matter experts who can facilitate in depth, professionally designed training curriculums to meet any individual or unit requirements.


Our mobile teams are rapid deploying and highly adaptable to any environment or micro-specific training scenarios and subject matter experts can easily scale training to accommodate any size group or unit. OPCON works directly with local, national, and international vendors to source any and all materials needed to fulfill distinct and specialized training specifications.


OPCON prides itself on developing ultra-realistic training programs and scenarios specific to unit training requirements. Our development team can work directly with unit training officers to create dynamic curriculums geared toward distinct training initiatives. OPCON provides the assurance that each program is fully resourced and executed as planned.

OPCON tailors each program to fit the clients objectives providing the best possible training by utilizing battlefield effects and immersive methods to mimic real world scenarios. Our personnel have extensive experience in transforming any operational area into a realistic simulated environment.


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