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Military Training Services / Battlefield Effects / Indirect Fire Simulators (IED)

Indirect Fire Simulators
(Mortar & Artillery)

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The IDF Simulator is a light weight, one man carry, device which provides a signature and report mimicking an indirect fire impact point. These units can be rapidly deployed and adjusted on the battlefield to meet the shifting objectives of a fighting force. Each unit is independently radio controlled allowing a single operator to employ numerous units simultaneously. 


The OPCON simulators are classified as a non-pyrotechnic device, using an oxygen and propane gas mixture, allowing greater versatility and employment in any training environment. This design allows for operations in adverse weather environments to include heavy rain, high winds, extreme cold, and desert conditions.

The low profile construction allows each unit to be placed in open terrain reducing visibility prior to detonation and adding to the realism of an indirect fire attack. The reinforced design is intended to withstand direct contact with wheeled or track vehicles, and can be reset in minutes depending on the separation of each unit within the training environment. Firing sequence can be walked in from as far 2000 meters and laid out in a variety of artillery fire for effect patterns. For additional tactical training, OPCON can emplace enemy mortar or artillery teams to provide an opposition force to react on. 

While our simulators DO NOT create a flame or fireball when triggered, natural additives can be used to generate an instant flash for visual effects. This flash addition is essential for night operations and can add realism and increase the dramatic affect of the simulated explosion while maintaining a safe training environment. This design also enables all simulators to be utilized in close proximity to mounted and dismounted personnel.

Single-Shot Impact (Mortar)


Walk-On Target (Artillery)

Fire for Effect (FFE) (Artillery)

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