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Military Training Services

OPCON provides cutting edge training tailored to the client’s exercise planning process, ensuring the training objectives are achieved.


Utilizing our advanced, NON-Pyrotechnic Blast Simulators and battlefield knowledge, we aim to challenge the students to react to real-world scenarios as their training dictates.

Training as a Service (TaaS) model provides flexible, scalable training solutions.


Our mobile training capabilities and simulator leasing programs offer access to advanced courses, equipment, and expert instructors without unnecessary upfront costs.


Whether conducting ongoing or targeted training, TaaS enhances skills, readiness, and efficiency while allowing the client to focus on core training objectives.


Training as a Service

Utilizing our combat veteran SME's and current training doctrine, OPCON can meet any training needs. Our expert team combines advanced technologies and feedback from current conflicts to develop effective and practical programs.


We consult with our clients to understand their requirements and challenges, ensuring each course enhances combat readiness, tactical skills, and leadership.

Program Development


At OPCON, we offer cost-effective leasing programs for our state-of-the-art explosive blast simulators. These programs allow military units to incorporate realistic blast scenarios into their training without high upfront costs of purchasing equipment.

This flexibility enables discretionary training practices, enhancing preparedness and operational effectiveness. 


Simulator Lease Programs

Program Development Process

OPCON offers consultation at any stage in your training development process.

Our programs are designed and developed on demand, based on your training objectives and follow US Army training development guidelines.


Training Services

Our training support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Battlefield Effects & Immersion

  • Range Design & Support

  • Basic Life Support

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Lodging

  • Equipment Management

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Example Training Courses

OPCON has designed and implemented a wide array of training courses.

Our courses may be stand-alone, or designed around implementation of our Explosive Blast Simulators.

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Equipment Leasing

We make it easy to start training immediately. Through equipment leasing programs, we are able to put the necessary tools in the hands of the client in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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How we do it.

Our Edge

For many customers, OPCON supports the event from beginning to end using our "Training-as-a-Servive" (TaaS) model.


OPCON not only develops and manufactures its own line of Battlefield Effects Products, but also provides a "one stop shop" for Technical Support and Tactical Training Support.​

With the lease or rental of any of our devices, OPCON has multiple programs available to clients that provide certified technicians and Subject Matter Experts to deliver on-site training operations.



Training as a Service

OPCON is an innovator in scenario based training development. We strive to set the industry standard for immersive and realistic training environments, while 

simultaneously achieving all training objectives in an efficient and cost effective manner.



Mobile Training Teams

At OPCON, the key to mission success relies on our Mobile Training Teams. These teams consist of highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable personnel who travel to your training site fully equipped and capable of developing and implementing full scale training scenarios.



Battlefield Effects

Battlefield Effects are special effects designed to create a realistic combat environment.


OPCON employs advanced technology that meets Hollywood effects standards to bring unparalleled realism to any training environment.

Battlefield Immersion


Battlefield Immersion is the terminology used to describe the

additions to training scenarios that create a realistic combat environment.


OPCON utilizes it's top of the line moulage experts in conjunction with personnel, wardrobe, props, caches, and battlefield effects to guarantee the most realistic training on the market today.

Mobile Training Teams

Battlefield effects


subject matter experts

Battlefield immersion

mobile training courses

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations,

we fall to the level of our training."

- Archilochos

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